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We do candle refills, not wasteful single-use vessels. We know your drawers are already overflowing with cute pots, quirky teacups and empties you don't know what to do with. Start reusing and refilling with luxe, non-toxic scents, clean coconut blend wax and 100% compostable packaging.


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41 of 67 products

Happy Family Promise

We're always here for the fam.

First candle guarantee

We want you to love your first Siblings candle. If you don’t, we’ll send you another scent or issue a full refund. Return shipping is on us.

Anytime returns & exchanges

Sometimes a scent isn’t for you, no worries, we get it. Send it back for a different scent or a refund — whenever it suits your schedule.

Forever warranty

We stand behind our products. Forever Vessels are covered for a lifetime. If something goes wrong or you're tired of it, we'll make it right.

Non-Toxic Oils

Coconut Blend Wax

Carbon Neutral

Phthalate + Paraben Free

Compostable Packaging