The Starter Bundle


Get started with a better candle experience. The Starter Bundle contains our best selling Scent No 01 and our best selling Brass Forever Vessel. 

We like to call Scent No 01 Lagom, or Swedish for 'just right'.  Delicate rose is perfectly balanced with bold citrus and damp, earthy oakmoss. It's universally loved.

The Forever Vessel in brass is handcrafted in Sweden by Skultuna — one of the world’s oldest companies. This Forever Vessel will only get better with age and can be used to refill over and over.

Whether you're gifting The Starter Bundle or picking one up for yourself, The Starter Bundle is the easiest option to start enjoying a candle experience that's healthier for you and the planet. Enjoy!

Notes: Bergamot, White Rose, Oakmoss. 

 Vessel is 3"x 3.7" and holds approximately 10oz of wax.