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Forever Vessel - Rustic w/candle

Our Rustic Forever Vessel is handmade by Canyon Ceramics Co, a nature-inspired studio run by Danielle Hutchens in Topanga, California. Organic lines and earthy tones make these vessels especially warm and suitable for a variety of home styles. Each vessel is thrown by hand on the wheel and designed to last.

Gift with purchase: For a limited time, this vessel comes with a complimentary candle in a surprise scent 🕯.

Vessel will have unique throwing lines and glaze variations. 

Rustic - Natural stoneware with cream glaze dip

3" x 4" and designed to hold 10oz of wax

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We consider the impact of everything we make. We know transparency in the products you purchase is important for you too. Here's how our Ceramic Forever Vessel stacks up compared to a traditional candle vessel.


Cleaning & Care

Cleaning residual wax

Place your vessel in the freezer until it is cold, then gently scrape the frozen wax out with a spoon. Any wax residue can be washed out with warm water and dish soap. Pro tip—make sure to put any remaining candle wax in the bin, not down your drain.


Our handcrafted ceramic vessels are waterproof, but should never go in the dishwasher. Always clean your vessel by hand with warm water, soap and a soft sponge. Our Swedish Cleaning Cloth works well for this task.

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Forever Vessel - Rustic w/candle


Non-Toxic Oils

Coconut Blend Wax

Compostable Packaging

Carbon Neutral

Phthalate + Paraben Free

Scents for filling, and refilling

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Made by hand, made to be held onto.

Thrown on the wheel in small batches, Danielle's version of our Forever Vessel embraces the natural variations in form that come with a handcrafted piece. Each is imbued with imperfections and designed for the everyday.

Crafted with care and stoneware in Southern California.