Mothers Day Bundle

Mothers Day Bundle


The perfect gift for mom. Scent No 11 — our most Mother's Day worthy — bundled with a handcrafted Forever Vessel. 

Scent No 11 is one bold, flirty rose. Musky tuberose and heady rose damask come together for a deep, dense fragrance. Lemony magnolia makes an ultra captivating combination.

The Forever Vessel is designed to hold all your candles, forever. Each vessel is handcrafted in California—it's made to last and fit well in any style home.

Thrown on the wheel by boutique pottery studio Sheldon Ceramics in Los Angeles, CA. Each vessel has unique throwing lines and glaze variations. 

*Every order comes with 1 brand booklet and 1 matchbox, please order more booklets from the shop page if sending out candles as gifts.

The Siblings Forever Vessel is wheel thrown by Sheldon Ceramics, a boutique pottery studio based in Los Angeles, California. Sheldon Ceramics is run by ceramic artist Peter Sheldon. Hailing from Vermont—a land steeped in history of artisans creating handcrafted goods—Peter’s process honors traditional ceramic techniques learned both at home and abroad. He develops stoneware of the highest quality using natural materials, custom mixed original glazes and a design perspective that focuses on people and everyday functionality.