Carbon Neutral

We are a carbon neutral company

Our goal is to provide more sustainable solutions to everyday essentials. But producing carbon emissions is unfortunately a cost all companies face while doing business. Siblings was founded with the purpose of contributing to a more desirable future for people and planet, so this fact was never going to be OK with us. We partner with an organization called Pachama to offset our emissions.

Each year we offset CO2 through projects working to protect and restore forests — the most valuable resource we have to combat climate change. We look forward to maintaining a net zero carbon footprint every year, and will always be striving to make the most sustainable products possible.

About Pachama


REDD+* projects 

Our carbon credits have helped avoid unplanned deforestation in several important ecosystems, protecting trees and thousands of different types of flora and fauna.

  • 2023: Central Kalimantan Peatlands, Indonesia and Manoa, Brazil
  • 2022: Borneo Peatlands, Indonesia
  • 2021: Jari Pará in Brazil
  • 2020: Madre de Dios
  • 2019: Brazil nut concessions in Madre de Dios

* REDD+ = reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation


One Tree Planted partnership 

Each year we partner with One Tree Planted during the Black Friday Cyber Monday period to donate a portion of sales to planting trees. We have planted thousands of trees through One Tree Planted since our founding year.