How to pick the perfect candle for every occasion

How to pick the perfect candle for every occasion


How to pick the perfect candle for every occasion (housewarming, graduation, bridal shower, holiday gifting, birthdays, and more)

In the tradition of gift giving, candles carry a special meaning: “May you always have light through the darkest times.” This makes them the perfect gift for almost every occasion, whether you’re celebrating a wedding or anniversary, a birthday or graduation, a housewarming or a holiday, or you just want to show someone that you care. 

The general rule with candles is to go with whatever scent makes you happiest. But if you need some help picking out a candle for a special occasion, check out the Siblings guide below.



House in the woods

For housewarmings, new births, new years...

Try: Lemon, mint, rosemary, sage, and eucalyptus

Refreshing citrus, herbs, and the awakening oils of eucalyptus are known to purify and energize a space. In the tradition of burning sage to ward off negative energy or cleaning a home with invigorating eucalyptus, candles that are enriched with these scents help mark fresh and new beginnings.

Siblings recommends: Scent 04 (Eucalyptus, Balsam, Wild Berries) and Scent 12 (Mint, Cannabis, Sage)




For anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, bridal showers…

Try: Rose, jasmine, amber, vanilla, honeysuckle, patchouli, and sandalwood

Nothing spells love like romantic florals with a touch of comforting vanilla and sandalwood. Scents such as rose, patchouli, jasmine, and vanilla have throughout history been considered aphrodisiacs, and today their gentle floral aromas continue to inspire a sense of intimacy.

Siblings recommends: Scent 01 (Bergamot, White Rose, Oak Moss), Scent 06 (Cardamom, Vanilla, Sandalwood), Scent 08 (Honeysuckle, Peony, Amber) and Scent 11 (Blackcurrant, Peach, White Musk)



For graduations, summer break, a new job

Try: Orange, grapefruit, lemon, bergamot, fresh fig

Research has shown that citrus scents have powerful aromatherapy benefits that include energizing the mind and making people feel more confident and in-control. This makes candles bursting with oils of lemon, grapefruit, orange, and fresh fig the ideal gift for anyone who has just graduated, landed a new job, or simply needs a summertime pick-me-up. 

Siblings recommends: Scent 07 (Orange, Grapefruit, Lemon), Scent 09 (Coconut Milk, Fresh Fig, Sandalwood) and Scent 01 (Bergamot, Oak Moss, White Rose)



For Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and anyone you want to show some extra love…

Try: Vanilla, lavender

In addition to being calming scents that promote relaxation and reduce inflammation, vanilla and lavender invoke a sense of being nurtured and soothed, which makes them ideal for gifting to close friends and family — it’s like a hug in a candle. 

Siblings recommends: Scent 05 (Clove, Lavender, Cedarwood), Scent 06 (Cardamom, Sandalwood, Vanilla) and Scent 14 (Almond, Brown Butter, Vanilla Bean)



For the holidays…

Try: Clementine, cinnamon, clove, cardamom, vanilla, sandalwood, cedarwood

When it’s cold outside and the holidays are here, there’s no better way to get cozy than with a mug of hot chocolate and a candle rich with warming spices. Candles naturally scented with cinnamon, clove, cardamom, and clementine will make any home feel festive.

Siblings recommends: Winter Scent (Clementine, Cinnamon, Clove), Scent 05 (Clove, Lavender, Cedarwood), Scent 06 (Cardamom, Sandalwood, Vanilla) and Scent 15 (Black Amber, Nosy Be Ylang, Birch Sap)

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