For us, being sustainable means minimizing our carbon footprint, creating goods that last longerless shipping, less waste, more value for youand considering the circularity of our products and shipping materials.

Here's what we're doing:

  • Our candles are packaged in a 100% compostable bag, when disposed of properly in a home or industrial compost facility, end-of-life is a return to its organic state i.e. soil.
  • Our bag manufacturer offsets their own impact by removing plastic from the ocean in the same weight of the packaging they sell.
  • Our shipping materials are plastic free and recyclable.
  • We use a (majority) coconut blend wax that burns longer and requires less water and pesticides to grow than other common candle wax crops.
  • We work with top perfumers (the same ones behind many of your other favorite fragrance brands) to create our scents with a mix of synthetic and natural oils. We never use harsh chemicals, parabens or phthalates. And our natural oils can be traced from seed to scent to maintain the highest standard of ethics in production, for people and planet.
  • We encourage people to reuse vessels they already have, but if you need a vessel—ours are made to last a lifetime.
  • Carbon emissions are a cost of doing business, we offset ours in full every year, since our founding year in 2019.