1000+ 5-star β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… reviews

Do away with throwaways

Easy AF DIY candles that do good for the planet and smell even better

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Reuse, refill, relax

  • 1000+ 5-star β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… reviews
  • Make it in under 3 minutes
  • Reuse your favorite vessels
  • Non-toxic scents ready to pour

Candles, but without the waste and harsh chemicals

Luxe fragrances, clean ingredients and packaged in a planet-friendly 100% compostable bag β€” make your mood with a Siblings Clean Candle.

A note from Eva & David

β€œWe wanted to create something that would help solve the waste problem in the candle industry, and enable people to reuse what they already have.”

Only the good stuff

  • 100% compostable packaging

    Planet-friendly packaging

  • Eco friendly, clean burning coconut and beeswax

    Clean coconut blend wax

  • Luxury scented candles

    Luxe fragrances

  • Candles made in USA

    American made

Designed with care for you, and the planet

1000+ 5-star reviews

From the scents to the pouring and process, learn why our customers have made the switch from traditional candles.

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Our story

We started Siblings with the mission of taking on throwaway culture, in some small way. A mission of leaving a little less waste behind in an industry that many don't realize has a big, dirty impact. This was our impetus for dreaming up the crazy idea of putting a candle in a compostable bag. What we didn't foresee was how much our customers and their excitement for this product would come to motivate us and make us love what we do so much.

So thank you for being here. For being one of our incredible customers pushing forward for a brighter, better smelling and more sustainable tomorrow. We appreciate you more than you know.

β€”Β Eva & David

Happiness, assured.

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