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For as long as people have been using candles, they’ve been creating waste. From glass jars that don't get recycled, to toxic fragrances that lead to headaches. It’s a problem that has only gotten worse over time.

We believe there’s a better, more sustainable way of doing candles.

At Siblings, we’re on a mission to tackle throwaway culture, and our first step is doing candles right — right by the environment, right by your home, right for your health.

Candles may be a small piece of the problem, but every step towards living more sustainably matters, and every Siblings candle — with its 100% compostable packaging, clean oils and eco-friendly coconut blend wax — makes a difference.

Eva & David

Siblings Co-founders

Everything needed to make a new candle.

Wick, wax, wickholder. Just melt, pour and enjoy.

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Siblings vs. traditional candles

🥥 10oz of eco-friendly coconut blend wax.

🌸 Non-toxic fragrances created by top master perfumers.

🌎 100% compostable packaging so you can reuse and refill.

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