Siblings x Butternut Bakery

We teamed up with Jenna Barnard, the sweet-treat genius behind Butternut Bakery, to bring you fall cozy feels in candle form. Light a match and cuddle up with good vibes and cookies.

Behind the Butternut Bakery Collab

We've been long-time fans of Butternut Bakery and Jenna's delectable recipes so we were incredibly excited about the chance to partner with her on bringing one of her creations to life in candle form. If you can't actually have Jenna herself baking for you, then the next best thing is being able to create an irresistible smell like she is in your own kitchen.

"It's like bringing a piece of my kitchen into someone's home but in a completely new way!"

- Jenna, Founder of Butternut Bakery

Bake a batch of Spiced Maple Butter Cookies