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Forever Candle — Botanical Bliss

Forever Candle — Botanical Bliss

Jam-packed with essential oils of lemongrass, orange, eucalyptus, parsley seed, rosemary, and patchouli — the aromatherapy properties are high in this botanical scent. An earthy, nutty base note of pistachio promotes a sense of wellness and relaxation. Go ahead and bring the garden inside. Held in a handmade Forever Vessel, Botanical Bliss features all the mood-boosting benefits of gardening, with none of the work.

Notes: Lemongrass, Orange, Eucalyptus, Parsley Seed, Rosemary, White Tea, Lavender, Cyclamen, Birchwood, Patchouli, Pistachio

Our Wavy Forever Vessel is handmade by Guten Co, a functional ceramics studio by Sarah Sauer based in San Antonio, Texas. Each vessel is made by hand on the wheel and designed to become a heritage piece. 

Bone - Eggshell White



9oz scented candle (~about 50hrs burn time) made with eco-friendly coconut / soy wax infused with clean fragrance and essential oils.

Vessels will have variations due to handmade nature. 


The Wavy Forever Vessel is designed to hold 1 Clean Candle Refill.

Candle Care

We recommend using wood wicks for the most even burn quality. Always trim your wicks to 1/8" before each burn to maintain a safe flame height and efficient burn — wick care is especially important with wood wicks.

Wash vessel by hand with warm water and soap when cleaning between refills. Do not put vessel in the dishwasher or microwave.

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Forever Candle — Botanical Bliss

Make a statement of responsible luxury

We worked with Sarah Sauer from Guten Co to create a modern, sculptural silhouette for our new Wavy Forever Vessel. Each ceramic vessel takes over a week to make in an entirely handmade process of throwing, trimming, firing and glazing. The form is timeless yet whimsical. It's designed with the intention to make a statement of responsible luxury.

Meet Sarah Sauer — founder of Guten Co

Say hello to Sarah Sauer the creative brain behind Guten Co, a boutique ceramics studio based in San Antonio, Texas. She's developed a distinct aesthetic that beautifully marries form and function in pieces with clarified design. We love the utility and sturdy feel of her hand-thrown pots for holding candles in a classic style.

Only the good stuff

  • Reuse & refill

    When you're ready to refill, our Clean Candle Refill packaging is 100% compostable and returns to its organic state at end of lifecycle.

  • Eco coconut blend wax

    Coconut throws scent farther and burns longer. Plus, they take less water and pesticides to grow than other common candle wax crops.

  • Clean fragrances

    We use safe fragrance and ethically sourced essential oils. They’re free of phthalates, parabens and sulfates, always.

  • American made

    Both vessel and candle are made by hands, with care in the USA.

We're not perfect, we're in progress

Bluebird helps us to track our progress — turns out our Clean Candles create 76% less waste and 34% less carbon emissions than a traditional candle when you reuse and refill your vessel. But this journey to do better by people and planet is far from over.

Happiness assured

Purchase risk-free with our first candle guarantee, anytime returns / exchanges and forever warranty.

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