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Forever Vessel - Apricot

Our Forever Vessel is handmade by Guten Co, a functional ceramics studio by Sarah Sauer based in San Antonio, Texas. Clean lines are complemented by a bespoke palette of glaze colors in the collection. Each vessel is made by hand and designed to become a heritage piece. 

Ceramic vessel has unique throwing lines and glaze variations. 

Apricot - Satin orange-pink

3" x 4" and designed to hold 10oz of wax.

🌿 Sustainability

We are a climate-first company. We take the time to measure our impact, and continuously look for ways to reduce that impact. Sustainability is one of our core business values and guides us in everything we do. For us, being sustainable means minimizing our carbon footprint, creating goods that last longer — less shipping, less waste, more value for you — and considering the circularity of our products and shipping materials.

With the help of Pachama, we measure and offset our carbon emissions in full every year, since our founding year in 2019.

Here's how our Ceramic Forever Vessel stacks up compared to a traditional candle vessel:

🫧 Cleaning & Care

Cleaning residual wax

Place your vessel in the freezer until it is cold, then gently scrape the frozen wax out with a spoon. Any wax residue can be washed out with warm water and dish soap. Pro tip—make sure to put any remaining candle wax in the bin, not down your drain.


Our handcrafted ceramic vessels are waterproof, but should never go in the dishwasher. Always wash your vessel by hand with warm water, soap and a soft sponge. Our Swedish Cleaning Cloth works well for this task.

📦 Packaging

Vessel packaging

  • 100% recyclable paper tube
  • Reusable

    Shipping materials

    • 100% recyclable paper-based materials
    • Plastic-free

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      Forever Vessel - Apricot


      Where function meets distinct design

      Sarah's rendition of our ceramic Forever Vessel features a simplified shape that shows exceptional attention to detail. Her forms feel sturdy in hand and offer a level of durability perfectly suited to holding candles.

      Happiness, assured.

      Purchase risk-free with our first candle guarantee, anytime returns / exchanges and forever warranty.