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Swedish Cleaning Cloth

It’s a sponge, it’s a paper towel, it’s a dishcloth. Our compostable cleaning cloth made in Sweden from plant fibers is ready for any and all cleaning jobs. Each cloth can absorb up to 20x its weight in water and be reused hundreds of times. Machine washable and quick drying, they’re easy to keep fresh.

Clean, rinse, dry, repeat!

Use for: Wiping surfaces and spills, cleaning, polishing, scrubbing

Contains: 1 Swedish Cleaning Cloth

Made of: 100% compostable plant fibers

Size: 7" x 8"

Swedish Cleaning Cloth


Non-Toxic Oils

Coconut Blend Wax

Compostable Packaging

Carbon Neutral

Phthalate + Paraben Free

Rinse & reuse.

The miracle cloth. These naturally antimicrobial, reusable cleaning cloths will absorb 20x their weight in water. And they're tough enough to tackle any job.

Kitchen ready, earth approved.

Made of plant fibers, it dries quickly and never smells. When it's finally ready to retire you can compost it with your candle bags.

Swap your sponges and paper towels — going eco has never been easier.